Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons #1 Reviews!

A Comic Show: “This was so much fun…It was awesome…If you’ve never read a Rick and Morty comic, this should be your first.”

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9.5/10 “This issue hits the ground running, revels in the fantasy genre, and is a delightful page-turner.”

Alpha Comics: “It’s a fun story with tons of laughs and an engaging plot to boot. This book also leaves its readers with a crazy cliffhanger that’ll no doubt guarantee their return.”

Brazen Bull: 9.4/10 “Troy Little’s artwork hits all the right notes at all the right times; there is an energetic quality to his art that brings this issue to life. His ability to display a variety of emotions and expressions on his characters is uncanny.”

Bubble Blabber: 10/10 “Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons is already high above my expectations. I knew this would be an interesting read, no doubt, but I had no idea that the story would be this involved.”

Caped-Joel: 8/10 “If you’re interested in picking up Dungeons & Dragons through the lens of Rick and Morty, this comic ends up being pretty damn educational.”

Comic Book.com: 8/10 “This is shaping up to be a crossover that fans of either property won’t want to sleep on.”

Comic Book HQ: 10/10 “I loved this book with a passion I can’t describe. Not only did it meet my expectations, but it far surpassed them, in the most glorious way. It looked fantastic, brought both worlds to life beautifully, and has me eagerly anticipating the rest of this four issue mini-series.”

Comic Book Resources: “Much like any absurd Rick and Morty plot, though, it works. Not because it tries to create a super franchise of sorts, but due to the fact that the comic parodies everything about Dungeons & Dragons and the general elitist nature of nerd culture.”

Comic Regime: “Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub have done a great job at starting this series off. With so much in this first issue, from all the D&D player lingo to that true feeling that makes Rick and Morty loved by so many.”

Court Of Nerds: 10/10 “D&D fans will love the vernacular, Rick and Morty fans will love the haphazard adventuring, fans of Zub will get the slick storytelling, and fans of Rothfuss will get electric interplay between characters.”

Comic Town: “When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, it’s totally over my head. Who knew…it spoke to me! All of a sudden, I definitely became Morty here and I think I understand how to play Dungeons & Dragons!”

Daily Comic: “I loved it…If you like both Rick and Morty and Dungeons & Dragons this is going to be heaven for you.”

Fanbase Press: “Artist Troy Little teams up with colorist Leonardo Ito and letterer Robbie Robbins to build a fantastical world of swords and sorcery and a futuristic space world simultaneously as the sci-fi heavy Rick & Morty universe clashes with the old-world Dungeons & Dragons setting.”

Inverse: ” against all odds, the Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons crossover comic is on par with the best Rick and Morty episodes in terms of core storytelling while also capturing what it’s really like to play D&D.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 8.2/10 “Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons finds a way to perfectly capture not only the humor of the show but the perfect synergy of two great properties crossing over.”

Oregon Live: “it is an absolutely magical moment when Rick learns that Morty wants to play — the highlight of a fun and spirited crossover that nails precisely what it should be.”

Rogues Portal: ” I never once thought that their voice strayed from that of the show, even down to their brand of humor–which other writers have had trouble nailing down in the past. Rothfuss and Zub make the two properties mesh with an astounding ease.”

The Other Comic Book Teacher: “No question…Best of the Four this week goes to a book that takes two of my favorite things and mashes them together with love, grossness, and a little 3d6 +2.”

Team Ashen: “If you are a fan of playing the game, you will love the inside jokes.”

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