Racer Knights

Okay, it’s been a month to the day since I updated the ol’ LJ… blast! I even promised artwork last time and never delivered after that first pic.

I promise more artwork to show!

Okay, lets get this started… Arthaus has a new constructible, collectible game called Racer Knights that just came out. Vriens, Dax, Mark Sinclair, Scotty and I designed and colored up a pile of character and car designs for it. Now that the first set is finally out I can show you guys my favorite work from it.

Promo image characters drawn by Joe Vriens, cars drawn by Scott Hepburn, all colors by me.

More artwork to show you guys tomorrow from other projects finally coming out. Promise!

Dax did some whip ass concept art that lead the way during our initial brainstorming of the various races. Based on those, here’s what emerged for the final characters:

Line art by me, Colors by Mark Sinclair.

Line art and colors by me.

Designs and line art by me, Maria Colors by Mark Sinclair.

Designs and line art by me, Neve Colors by Mark Sinclair.

A Few Others:
Line art for Grout by Dax. Colors and other line art by me.

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