Gala’s been in Atlanta for 2 and a half months. Sometimes it feels like she just left a week or two ago and other times it feels like it’s been much longer. Time perception playing tricks on me.

Headed home from Erik’s place last night and had time to think. We had a dinner meeting all about Udon plans… the summer and beyond. The future is looking exciting and unexpected as always. Taking stock of what’s been happening and where we can head from here.

It’s been a bit of a theme.

Taking stock of what’s happening around me, making resolutions and then carrying them out. Making crucial adjustments to the way I think and use my time for myself or for work.

Good art happening this week for the Jimbo. Roughs burst out of the pencil on Monday and today’s looking pretty sharp too.

Getting ready for San Diego Comic Con next week. Going to be gone from Tuesday through to Monday… 6 days for one con… so nuts. I’m excited, yet dreading it at the same time.

From the Capcom press release:
“Appearing at the Capcom booth (#4229) will be the artists from Udon Entertainment, creators of the hot new *Street Fighter* comic book series, who will have on-hand an exclusive Capcom Summer Special comic available only at ComicCon.”

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