Pre-Order Time for Wayward!


WAYWARD is coming at the end of August, and I know that seems far away, but it’s really not.

In fact, the next handful of weeks are an absolutely crucial period that will determine the long term viability of our whole series before even a single issue arrives in stores.

Yup, it’s solicit time.

Comic book retailers receive a spiffy Previews catalogue jam-packed with pictures, information, and order codes aplenty as publishers try to entice them to order strongly on hundreds of different line items, including many from worldwide superhero and media brands. In the thick of that jumbled mass is Wayward #1, the first issue of a brand new creator-owned comic series I’m launching at Image with artist Steve Cummings.

Without a tie-in movie/TV show, toys, video games, or other multimedia branding, one of the only ways to grab attention for a new title like this is for retailers to know that their customer base is interested in it… and the best way to do that is to pre-order the first issue.

• In the mood for a new story?
• Have you enjoyed other comics I’ve written?
• Have you found my tutorials on breaking in or working in comics helpful?
• Do you like the art that’s been teased so far?
• Are you liking the recent surge of creator-owned comics?
• Does teenagers beating the $#@% out of Japanese mythological monsters sound like a good time?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, please consider pre-ordering WAYWARD #1 now from your local comic shop.

You’ve probably read my blogposts about the economics of creator-owned comics. What those pie charts and percentages should make very clear is this: Your pre-order matters. Pre-ordering and telling other people about creator-owned titles makes a huge difference and will help ensure we can keep Wayward rolling.

Here’s a convenient pre-order form (that includes solicit info and order codes) you can print out and take to your local comic retailer to let ’em know you’re on board:

Want to find out more about Wayward? Steve and I will be doing a circuit of interviews and will be posting teaser artwork at pretty much every major comic news site online as we head towards the launch. I’ll keep this up to date, but here are ones up so far:

Image Announcement and Press Release
Comic Book Resources Interview
Comics Alliance Interview
Multiversity Interview
IGN Feature Interview
Robot 6 Interview
The Beat: Comics Culture Interview
13th Dimension: Mighty Q&A
Newsarama Interview
Bleeding Cool Interview
Bleeding Cool: Design sketches
All the variant covers for Wayward #1
Comic Related Interview
Dynamic Forces Interview

And here’s the solicit:
(W) Jim Zub (A) Steven Cummings, John Rauch (CA) Steven Cummings, Ross Campbell


Rori Lane is trying to start a new life when she reunites with her mother in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear. Can Rori unlock the secrets of her power before it’s too late? JIM ZUB (SKULLKICKERS, Samurai Jack), STEVE CUMMINGS (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot), and JOHN RAUCH (INVINCIBLE) team up to create an all-new Image supernatural spectacle that combines the camaraderie and emotion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the action and mystery of Hellboy. Don’t miss it!

Item Code: JUN140487 In Stores: AUGUST 27 / 32 PAGES / Full Color / Mature Readers / $3.50

  1. Wayward has a mature readers tag. What makes it this way and why? Thx.

    • The story is about teenagers and I wanted dialogue that sounded like it came from actual teens, so there’s swearing.

      Some of the violence in later issues may push close to the ‘Mature’ envelope as well, but it’s mostly for cussing.

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