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I’m a guest on the latest episode of the War Rocket Ajax podcast. Click through to give it a listen as they cover Skullkickers, Street Fighter and a lot more. My interview starts at the 41:10 mark in the podcast.

Chris Sims, one of our Skullkickers #6 writers, is a guest on the latest Awesomed By Comics podcast.

The latest episode of Comics of Doom podcast has some great review material on Skullkickers #6. The issue is reviewed at 19:41.

MTV Geek calls Skullkickers #6 one of their Top Ten comics of the month.

“The collection is anchored by two longer tales, comics blogger Chris Sims’ brightly paced sexy zombie story; and Adam Warren’s naturally whip-smart story of guns versus swords.”

Comics Nexus also called Skullkickers #6 one of their notable issues of the month.

“While all four of the stories are just riffs on the basic Skullkickers premise, I hope to see more one-off issues like this one between story arcs. It’s a good way to draw in some new readers (especially if more highly-recognized creators come on board), and reward long-term ones with something fun.”

Danny Djeljosevic at Comics Bulletin took a while to try out Skullkickers but, now that he’s read issue 6, he’s a convert.

“…the talent here assembled is not only impressive, but they’ve created an incredibly fun quick-and-dirty kind of short story collection of clever variations on the comic’s premise without a weak link in the bunch. It’s essential comics, and a self-contained experience that gives readers a jumping-on point between story arcs.”

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