Please Pre-Order Skullkickers Vol. 1!

NOW is the time to let your local comic shop know that you want to per-order a copy of Skullkickers Volume 1, which arrives in March.

Image is value pricing our first trade at the incredibly low price of $9.99 (as they have with hit series including The Walking Dead, Invincible and Chew) and we want to make the biggest splash possible when it’s released, increasing our readership and showing the comic community that fun non-superhero stuff is worthy.

Here are 3 solid pre-order options:

1) Go to your local comic shop

Use the spiffy Comic Shop Locator website to find the closest shop and let them know you want a copy of Skullkickers put aside for you.
Skullkickers Book 1- 1000 Opas and a Dead Body JAN110576

2) Pre-order from Barnes & Nobles

Click here to pre-order from B&N:

3) Pre-order from Amazon

Click here to pre-order from

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