People Sketching

The Character Design instructor at Seneca organized a sketch day yesterday for the students to head out during the holidays, wander downtown Toronto and draw people shopping and going about their lives. It’s the kind of exercise that builds observation and also some good comraderie with the students and the profs. When he invited me along, I figured I would go and flex my life drawing skills a bit and work out some of the rust. It also gave me an excuse to get out of the apartment for a bit.

We had a tight knit crew of about 8-9 students show up and made our way from Union subway station over to the Eaton Centre. Good conversation and pretty good sketching. Here’s the best ones from my sketchbook:

One of my students standing and sketching in his sketchbook. Drawing the drawers, as it were.

Winter clothes and accesories make for neat shapes.

Waiting with her baby, rocking the carriage back and forth slightly. She didn’t stay as long as I would’ve liked.

I exaggerated the silhouette of the clothing and anatomy for the girl on the left, playing with body language a bit.
People obviously don’t stay still very long, especially when they don’t know they’re being drawn.

Caricature of one of my students while we were sitting down and drawing.
He’s absorbed in getting info down on the page, barely noticing that I was drawing him.

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