Pathfinder Comic Art Teasers

Writing the Pathfinder comic series is a blast and, with all the Samurai Jack stuff on my blog as of late, I wanted to make sure Pathfinder fans had some new material to check out as well.

Over the summer the art schedule on the series slid, but the series is back on track and the second story arc, “Of Tooth and Claw”, should be wrapping up over the next 3-4 months, with issues #9-12 and the extra-sized Pathfinder Special being released.

Here are some art sneak peeks from the 3 artists who are busting away on those issues:


Sean Izaakse‘s storytelling is top notch. He’s taken every difficult scene I’ve written and knocked it out of the park.


Ivan Anaya‘s dragon pencils look incredible. Can’t wait for everyone to read this big fight scene.


Kevin Stokes work on the Pathfinder Special is drop dead gorgeous. Every page is packed with detail without muddying the expressions or storytelling. It’s amazing.

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