Pathfinder #1 Reviews!

The first issue of the Pathfinder comic series is now out in the wild and reviews are rolling in. Here are some highlights:

Newsarama: “Taken as a whole, this is one entertaining read and a more than welcome entry in the woefully small fantasy comic genre. Dynamite has a strong team on this book. 8/10”

Unleash the Fanboy: ” the first issue of Pathfinder is everything you want as a beginning to a fantasy epic. 4/5″

eXpert Comics: “I was lucky to get to see a preview of issue number one, and boy is it awesome. Not only do you get the comic itself, which is excellent, but you get a map of the city the comic takes place in as well as descriptions of all of the places of interest in the city.”

Comic Book Bin: “I would highly recommend ‘Pathfinder’ to anyone who enjoys fantasy, or just a good read. 8.5/10”

One Geek Nation: “Andrew Huerta’s illustrations and Ross Campbell’s colors jump out of the panels, successfully opening readers’ eyes to the amazing Pathfinder world.”

iFanboy: “The story had a great mix of action and comedy”…”I loved this comic.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “The dialogue in this book is pretty sharp and fun at times. And the action is thick and fast.”

Fanboy Buzz: “The dialogue is all very natural and the storytelling/pace is top notch. A lot could be said for how well this issue was written.”

Frickin’ Awesome: “Dynamite Publishing’s Pathfinder doesn’t focus on the theoretical enticements of RPGs, but instead on using the game to create an adventure story that comes hard and fast with succinct, enjoyable characterization and hearty action.”

Fanboy Comics: ” What really makes this book work are the characters. He somehow took these awesome creations that were just a stat block and a few pictures and has crafted really interesting and flawed people out of them.”

Silver Snail Blog: “…the characters are actually very well-crafted and likeable; this is actually kind of tough to pull off when you’re trying to fulfill the major RPG stereotypes.”

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