Pathfinder #1 Coming Next Week!

Four boxes of Pathfinder #1 comics arrived on my doorstep this afternoon!

From top left through to bottom right, here are the covers I received:

Dave Dorman cover, Matteo Scalera cover, Erik Jones cover, Lucio Parillo cover, Matteo Scalera limited edition foil, Matteo Scalera black/white line art variant, Erik Jones logo-less variant and the blank sketch cover variant.

22 pages of comic story, 12 pages of RPG rules and background material plus a pull-out battle map, all for only $3.99!

The comic printed really well. Andrew’s line art comes through really clearly, as does Ross’ lush coloring. The battle map isn’t stuck into the issue in any way – it’s folded between the staples so you can remove it without damaging your comic, which was a nice surprise.

Pathfinder #1 will be sold in better comic and gaming shops starting August 15th, just in time for Gen Con, North America’s biggest gaming convention!

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