Packaging Your Imagination 2011

On Saturday November 5th I’ll be a guest speaker at CANSCAIP’s 27th annual Packaging Your Imagination event taking place at the University of Toronto.

Jim Zubkavich
Graphically Speaking: Graphic Novel Creation for Artists and Writers

Learn how the graphic novel combines elements of art and prose to achieve unique storytelling results that neither format could do on its own. Both artists and writers will find useful tips and strategies on form and formatting.

I was originally going to post about the event here in case anyone who reads my blog/FB wanted to purchase a ticket to see me or any of the other guests doing workshops, but when I went to go get more information at the site I saw that the event is already sold out as of Oct 17th. Yowza. I guess I’d better make sure my presentation is in tip-top shape.

Anyways, that’s coming up and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m speaking from 9:30-10:45am and will have a book signing after the entire event is over at 4:00pm. If you’re already signed up then I’ll see you there.

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