At the school… class is in about 10 minutes.

You know you’re tired when you wake up, hit the snooze button to get another 10 minutes of sleep and then proceed to have a full blown deep sleep dream in those 10 minutes before being bolted awake by the alarm again.

Moving boxes at Udon, moving furniture yesterday at the school. My body is now taking its revenge upon me.

Also, how is it possible that people can tell me this morning:

“You don’t look like you’re doing too well. Are you eating well?”

“Wow man, are you working out? You’re lookin’ good!”

“Whoah dude, you look pretty brutal. Zombie Jim.”

“I’m always amazed that you have so much energy early in the morning.”

They can’t all be right. Some of that stuff is completely opposite. So strange.

Also, breakfast of choice for me here at the school the last two days has been dipping a cheese croissant into scalding Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, then drinking the cooled down hot chocolate remains after the croissant is done. It tastes better than it sounds, really.

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