Makeshift Miracle Now On Keenspot

Makeshift Miracle is now on Keenspot!

If you’ve been enjoying Makeshift over on the UDON website, you’ll be happy to know that nothing has changed. You’ll be able to read each new update online, browse the archives and enjoy the slowly widening mystery of Colby and Iris.

Having our story up on Keenspot gives us access to a much wider audience of potential fans and a new community of avid webcomic readers. We’re excited about working with Keenspot to make Makeshift bigger than ever. After the success we’ve already seen with Skullkickers online, it seemed a natural fit to bring Makeshift Miracle over there as well to help expand our audience in time for the book pre-order.

It’s also a bit of a karmic full circle for me. Back in 2001 when I was serializing the original Makeshift story, finding web hosting was tough. Keenspot was the biggest webcomic group site on the web and they had a free hosting sub-site called Keenspace (now known as Comic Genesis) where they’d encourage new webcomic creators to post their stories, picking the best and most consistent ones to be ‘Spotted’ (moved up to the big leagues of Keenspot).

The original Makeshift Miracle webpage was a little Keenspace site, much of it hand coded as I figured out how html tags worked and how to post comic pages online. The thought of graduating my series up to Keenspot was a bit of a motivator, a way to legitimize the work I was putting into it. Now, 10 years later, it’s kind of cool to say that I finally got there. 🙂

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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