Makeshift Miracle Book 2 Coming Soon


My advance copies of Makeshift Miracle Book 2: The Boy Who Stole Everything just arrived and they turned out wonderfully. Shun Hong Chan’s artwork is breathtaking and the print quality on the book is top notch.

The book arrives in stores next month and it’s still available for pre-order from your local comic shop or the outlets linked below. If you’ve enjoyed Wayward or my other comic stories but haven’t read Makeshift I hope you give it a try. As always, thanks for the support!

Makeshift Miracle Vol. 2
The Boy Who Stole Everything

Colby has fallen into a surreal realm of dream and imagination in his search for answers about Iris, the strange girl who fell into his life from out of the blue. What he discovers about the link between them will change both their lives and leave one of them with the ultimate decision of life or death. The hit online comic concludes in a beautiful graphic novel, perfect for teen readers and manga fans.
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository
Midtown Comics

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