Lots On the Go

• Namco’s Shiftylook website launches today, which means the first page of my new webcomic series Sky Kid is live! Click on through to check it out and also read the launch blog post I wrote while you’re there.

• Over at the Skullkickers online site, it’s one of my favourite scenes from issue #2 as our boys extract info from a captive in their own special culinary way.

• Makeshift Miracle chapter 4 continues as Colby heads to school contemplating how he’d explain the amazing events that happened to him the night before.

• Over on the Comic Book Bin I chatted at length about creator-owned creations, webcomics, publishing and more.

• On Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the Toronto Comicon set up at Table A71. Come by, say “hi” and snag a convention exclusive poster, get a sketch or get books signed. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

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