Little Updates

Quick updates:

– Exalted #1 is off to the printers. It hits stands at the end of the month!
Two teaser pages – one is HERE (opening with a bang) and HERE (Back Up story about the Scarlet Empress).

– Today I realized a strange difference between my morning lectures and my afternoon ones of the exact same class. The morning ones I’m doing all I can to get going that early and so I pile on the energy. The drawings I do on the board are a little rusty, but I’ve got extra enthusiasm and *zing* to my step. The students laugh quite a bit and I joke with them more. The afternoon lecture is more controlled and refined… the things I’ve said in the morning and the missteps I took are evened out and the lecture as a whole is more polished, but it’s not as spontaneous or zingy. There’s less laughter but more skill shown. Both classes seem to be picking up the meterial just fine, which is good in both cases.

– The drawing roll I’ve been on continues with artwork for Exalted 2nd Edition. I’m sinking my teeth into designing the look and feel of weapons and armor for the new edition. Using the ref material from the books but not being afraid to rework something if Brian and I decide that it looked wonky before or can be more consistent. Cool. I think you guys will be very pleased with the results. It’s a step forward for me.

– Lost episode 4 knocked me on my ass it was so good. 5 and 6 are good as well, but 4 really kicked butt. Not sure when I’ll have a chance to watch more just yet.

– I paid my income tax before the summer started… the government later sent me a notice that I had to pay more. Then they later sent another one asking for even more. Today they sent me a refund that covers pretty much what I paid them for the second request. I’m not begrudging getting money back, but the efficiency on that whole thing just seems messed up somehow.

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