Little Update

Today I think I actually hit a break through with the current projects on the ol’ Udon plate. There’s still a ton to be done, but I think I may have gotten most of it actually scheduled some what and do-able. For a few days earlier this week it was looking absolutely overwhelming. We’ll see if this current optimistic attack schedule holds up.

The only thing heavily buggered up at this point is the Exalted comic schedule. I think everyone who works on the book has suffered some incredible setback in 2006. I had a slate of personal issues crop up early this year. Noi (the penciler) had a killer bout of the flu, Greg (the background artist) mushed his ringfinger (enough so that he lost the fingernail) during a karate demonstration and Roberto (the colorist) is actually going through a difficult divorce. I don’t state these things to elicit pity from people expecting the book, just to note that life throws us all curveballs and that we’re struggling through as best we can. Issue #4 is getting completed and as soon as possible I will show you all sample pages. Thanks for your patience and support.

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