Li’l Sonja #1 Reviews


Li’l Sonja, the one-shot comic story of a young Red Sonja written for younger readers, came out on Wednesday. Here’s what critics thought of it…

Comics Bulletin: 5/5 “The character Li’l Sonja is cute, and fun, and feisty, and at the same time, like her older model, strong, independent, and smart.”

Unleash The Fanboy: 5/5 ” she may be cute but she is still pretty bad ass”

What’cha Reading?: 5/5 “Li’l Sonja is adorable and yet every bit the bad ass her more grown-up counterpart is, but yet child-friendly enough that I can hand this book over to my younger/tween comic fans”

Fandom Post: B+ “Li’l Sonja is plucky, courageous, and clever, and the quality of the art and writing are straightforward enough for children to enjoy, and cute enough for adults as well.”

Comic Book Therapy: 7/10 “Zub writes a cute and fast-paced story. It’s a witty yarn that gives us a very different version of the character we know and love.”

  1. Not generally a fan of the “lil” characters… but I enjoy your writing and a buddy of mine did one of the alternate covers, so I’ll have to go pick this one up!

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