Liberty League #2

After the pulse-pounding cliffhanger of Liberty League #1 now, finally, the action-packed 2nd chapter…

The Crimson Chaos here in all his glory. What a bad ass.

I used to love covers that had those little corner blurbs telling you about a guest star or new character appearing inside. My brother and I lived for first appearance issues.

I spilled hot chocolate or something on the back cover and carefully glue-sticked a piece of paper over it. True craftsmanship.

Page 1: Nothing says ‘CHAOS’ quite like block letters and random pencil crayon colors. I remember my Dad telling me that blue flames were even hotter than red flames, so I scribbled some blue in around Fireball.

I might have skipped the buildings but Powerfist is still holding that telephone pole from last issue. That’s some tight continuity there.

Page 2: Four more bad guys, all wearing masks! I loved creating characters, especially when I didn’t have to draw their faces.
Wild Boar is a knock-off of the Rhino who doesn’t look anything like a boar.
Killer Moth wields knuckle spikes and looks nothing like a moth… why a moth? Moths aren’t even violent.
Clip Chop is just a badly color-coordinated dude with a weed whacker.
Spideareo was a take-off on the weird six-armed Spider-Man storyline, only he wears purple and chucks bolas and metal discs. I have no idea why.

Page 3: Flash Fazer’s sole action contribution to this issue is getting punched in the face. I must have realized how much he sucked, even then.

One of my friends told me that an old man with glasses over his mask was lame, so I changed Speed Meter’s mask without any explanation. Looking at it now I can honestly say that the glasses were better.

Page 4: No time for backgrounds, this is a fight!

Page 5: Apparently I forgot Powerfist’s complex color scheme, as his helmet is reversed here… and his thumb is on the wrong side of his hand. Oops.

Page 6: Speed Meter is saved by Silver Bullet and Mini-Mite shows up worrying more about how cool he looks than the lives of those around him. Awesome. Mini-Mite is like the Atom, except that MM wears an incredibly stupid costume.

Page 7: Mini-Mite’s thumb is on the wrong side on his right hand.
KAFLAK is a great sound effect.
“Holy Mother” is the perfect expletive a 14 year old can say without getting in trouble.

Page 8: The action wasn’t completely clear so, in true Stan Lee-style, I have the character explain what just happened – “Amazing! My lasers went through him and turned to ice on the other side!

Page 9: Now you can see why there are no female Liberty Leaguers… even if there were, they’d just look like men with long hair.

Wild Boar throws another punch, just like the animal of his namesake would. This guy’s an animal.

Page 10: Yes, I drew ads for my comic inside the comic. Apparently a rising sun and rainbow colors showcase how action-packed my comics are.

Page 11: Oops, I was wrong, that’s Flash Fazer’s hand in panel 3 hitting the Crimson Chaos. All that build up and our boy Flash takes out CC in one tiny panel. So sad.

Speed Meter and Fireball don’t even hit anybody…

11 pages in and I realized I’d forgotten the all-important Zub copyright info. Real comics have these things and I didn’t want to be left out, so I snuck mine in surreptitiously as a vertical bar on the page. Perfect.

Page 12: Whew, the action all calms down and Mini-Mite blows off our heroes. Apparently just showing up and zapping somebody is good enough to garner a League invite.

The ‘Next Issue’ box is sadly blank, almost as if it was an omen of Liberty League’s cancellation after this issue. So sad…

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