Legends of the Dark Knight #49 is Now Available!


My first published superhero story and first published DC Comics work, Legends of the Dark Knight #49, has been released on digital and mobile platforms and it’s only 99 cents!


If you’ve enjoyed my other comics or found the tutorial posts on my blog helpful it would mean the world to me if you could purchase a digital copy, spread the word to others and let DC Comics know what you think of it!

I’m hoping we can make a big splash on the digital sales charts and that this is my chance to turn some heads. Thanks, as always, for your support. Also, a special thank you to editors Hank Kanalz and Kristy Quinn for giving me the opportunity to write two of my favorite comic characters.

Here’s another exclusive teaser of Batman VS classic Harley Quinn from the issue, drawn by Neil Googe!


“Dr. Quinn’s Diagnosis” part 1 of 2. When the investigation of the Joker’s latest disastrous plot stalls, Batman gets creative. Harley Quinn might reveal her puddin’s secrets..if Batman agrees to one demand.


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