Launching in October – Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker!

Announced as part of D&D Live’s press coverage, I’m writing a new Dungeons & Dragons comic mini-series called Mindbreaker that launches in October and continues the adventures of our Baldur’s Gate heroes!

Mindbreaker is a five-issue mini-series that features Minsc and Boo, Krydle, Shandie, Delina, and Nerys. Written by Jim Zub with art by Eduardo Mello and covers by Max Dunbar, our heroes must fight to save each other, and their sanity, from a mind flayer-led cult secretly destroying trust between the factions in Baldur’s Gate. This storyline follows on from the Infernal Tides mini-series and acts as a prequel to Baldur’s Gate III.

  1. I read Mindbreaker and it is awesome. The ending was great. But it says “the end” vs “…to be continued” will there be more on Krydle and his contract? 🙂 More Nerys? I love it so much!

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