Krydle Joins Idle Champions

Exciting news: KRYDLE joins Idle Champions next week!

Make your Baldur’s Gate party complete (Delina, Minsc, Shandie, Nerys and now Krydle) or add some extra rogue-ish charm to your current line-up!

Krydle is one of the original characters Max Dunbar and I created for the LEGENDS OF BALDUR’S GATE comic series back when Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition launched.

Here’s how I described him in the original design document:
“Krydle is the half-elf son of Coran (from Baldur’s Gate 1+2), famous patriar of Baldur’s Gate. Estranged from his father, Krydle loathes politics and the schism between the Upper and Lower cities. Beneath his seemingly shallow veneer is a desire for loyal friends and his adventuring comrades may end up becoming a surrogate family in time.”

Krydle is named after a D&D 2nd edition Human Bard I played with my brother Joe when I was a teenager. The name stuck with me over the years and when I finally had a chance to write an official D&D story I knew it was the right fit. Now, 27 years later, Krydle is a canon D&D character who has appeared in five comic mini-series, the Dungeon Mayhem card game expansion and now an official D&D video game.

So amazing.

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