Klonoa Launches This Wednesday!

Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol

Based on the video game by NAMCO BANDAI Games

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Hitoshi Ariga
Coloring by Espen Grundetjern
Made for ShiftyLook by UDON Entertainment
Updates Wednesdays 9:00AM Pacific

If you’ve never had a chance to play any of the Klonoa video games, you really are missing out. Klonoa is a joyous platform adventure game loaded with memorable characters, creative designs and simple but addictive gameplay. The series has been a cult hit amongst gamers for years and has a small but dedicated fanbase who have been hoping for year to see a sequel.

Getting the chance to add a new chapter to the Klonoa story and work with mangaka Hitoshi Ariga (artist of Mega Man and The Big O in Japan) is a dream come true. Bandai-Namco has been extremely supportive and Hitoshi Ariga has done an incredible job at taking some of my ideas and designing/illustrating the heck out of them. His art style melds perfectly with the game’s look and feel. Add in Espen’s top notch coloring to the mix and the final result is pretty stunning.

With so many characters and places from previous games to draw upon, we wanted to make sure we put some fan favorite elements in while not getting so bogged down with nostalgia that we couldn’t move things forward. There will be new friends, new enemies and new places to explore as Noctis Sol rolls out. I hope long time Klonoa fans and new readers appreciate the hard work we’ve put into developing our story.

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