Insane UDON Job Inquiry

I am NOT making this up. Holy crap. I’m actually amazed and I thought I’d seen almost everything.

We get art and writing inquiries all the time at UDON, usually multiple e-mails every day.

Names removed only because I don’t want this guy crying that we’ve besmirched his reputation. Mind you, with an attitude like this, I’m sure he’s well on his way to screwing himself. Every thing else in the e-mail is pasted here unaltered:


From: ___ ______ <>
Date: Mar 16, 2007 4:14 PM
Subject: ___ ______ is So Handsome And Cool


My name is ___ ______, and I am a writer. An actual writer; not one of those weird hairy kids
at Comic Book Conventions who wants you to read his amazing fan fiction about Wonder Woman.

I wrote for the ____ ______ __ _______ __ ______, and I have two comics coming out. One of
them is an original project being published by ______ Comics, and the other iss a work-for-hire
piece for ____ _____ __________.

The bottom line here is that now that both of those comics are complete, I am looking for a job.
I have numerous original properties, and am more than willing to work on what you might already
have, provided it doesn’t, you know, stink. Might you have anything for me?

Nothing But Roses,

___ ______


Welcome to a tiny part of my day. I don’t know if this guy figured being a jerk was a good guerrilla marketing tactic or what… I mean, it IS memorable, I’ll give him that. I love that his writing inquiry has both spelling and grammatical errors, in addition to being unbelievably pompous and condescending.

Sending ego-oozing crap like that to a complete stranger is just sad.


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