Independent Publishing Advice

Fantastic quote from Mike Mignola’s interview on Newsarama:

“My one piece of advice has always been, if I’m an example of anything, is that you take what you really want to do and you do it—then it is possible that it will work out. Thing’s aren’t always going to work out but I tell guys all the time—if you want to take a shot at something else just do one issue of a comic; like I did, you finish your Batman book then you say, ‘I’m going to do this one Hellboy mini-series and if it works out great and if it doesn’t work out—that’s fine; I took a year to do this thing now I’ll go back to drawing Batman or whatever.’ At least you took a shot at it.

If I had never tried I would’ve never found out that Hellboy would work. I didn’t think it would work; I didn’t think anyone would buy it but I took a shot and I didn’t try to make up a commercial book. I didn’t try to make up a book I thought would sell—I made up a book made up entirely of things I like. So, in the off chance that it did work and I was stuck doing this thing, then I was stuck doing a book that I love doing.”

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