I’m Writing Wonder Momo for ShiftyLook

At C2E2 in Chicago today the Namco-Bandai team announced two new titles for their ShiftyLook initiative and I'm writing one of them!

I'm happy to announce that the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki creative team is back in action (me writing, Omar Dogan on art), this time updating and expanding a cult classic Japanese video game title called Wonder Momo!

Here's a video clip of the original video game from 1987:

And here's the announcement poster image for the upcoming ShiftyLook comic strip with art by the amazing Omar Dogan:

Working with Erik Ko (head of UDON) and Omar, we're channeling classic 80's anime, J-pop idol culture and man-in-suit monster shows into a fun retro-comedy romp. I can't wait until the strip launches on May 15th so you can start reading. Yay!

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