I’m the New Writer on DC’s Birds of Prey!

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while now, itching to let people know about it and finally, finally I can talk about it.

DC Comics announced this morning that I’m the new ongoing writer for Birds of Prey starting with issue #18 coming in March 2013!

Read the exclusive interview at Comic Book Resources for details:

I have a crazy day ahead of me with multiple projects on the go and deadlines looming, but I’ll try to post more thoughts about this amazing news over the weekend.

Thank you for your support!

  1. Congratulations! (Sigh, another book to pick up, so much for having money for food 🙂

    ­Rod Salm
    Death At Your Door, a weekly webcomic about Death trying to live a life.

  2. Great news! Looking forward to reading it.

  3. So, Duane told me he had plans for Poison Ivy, any chance that you have taken over those plans. Or have plans to use her at all? Cause she was dieing last we saw her ha ha. Congrats, good luck and can’t wait.

    • Although Ivy has shown up in Detective Comics since her confrontation with the Birds in #12, there’s definitely a lot still to explain and I have plans to tie it all together, yes.

      • Thanks! I meant like she is dieing, not that she died lol sorry for the mix up. You got back to me on twitter already. Thanks! You rock, and I can’t wait!

      • here is a question, which I am not sure you can answer yet, if you can’t just say so lol no biggy.

        Will Poison Ivy be on the team again? Or just a bad guy for an arc?

        I liked her as a team member, so I would be happy if she became one again. But bad guy is cool too. Any Ivy is good Ivy ha ha. Thanks again!!

  4. I’ve been an on/off fan of the book since its start. While I love the characters, Canary in particular, but I’ve been disappointed over some of the anticlimactic endings of some of the storylines. I think this book needs a little fresh air. This should be good!

  5. congratulations! a wave of nerd appreciation threatens to swamp you. 🙂

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