Have You Pre-Ordered Samurai Jack #1?

My blog has been extremely Jack-focused as of late. My apologies if it’s been a bit relentless. That’s what happens when a new project is looming on the horizon.

I just wanted to take a moment to stress the importance of pre-ordering Samurai Jack if you’re interested in buying the comic starting in October. With so many great comics coming out every week it’s more important than ever to let your local comic shop know that you’re interested in a series and intend to collect it.

Retailers use pre-orders as a way to gauge overall interest in a title and in many cases those pre-orders will help determine how many extra copies they order to display for casual customers and whether or not they put extra promotional efforts behind it. It does make a difference, believe me.

Here’s the info you need, especially the item code, to give to your local shop. Make sure you pre-order if you want the Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of Samurai Jack) limited cover. It has a separate order code, so don’t miss out!


Writer: Jim Zub
Artist/Cover Artist: Andy Suriano (variant cover by Rob Guillory)

Cartoon Network’s hit animated series is back at IDW! The legendary samurai known only as ‘Jack’ is stranded in a strange future ruled by the demonic wizard, Aku. His quest to return back to the past has tested him many times, but now the stakes are higher than ever. Can an ancient relic known as the Rope of Eons finally take him home? Writer Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Street Fighter) and artist Andy Suriano (Character Designer on the original Samurai Jack TV series) begin a new era of samurai adventure!

Item Code: AUG130368
In Shops: 10/9/2013
SRP: $3.99


SAMURAI JACK #1 (Subscription Variant)
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Andy Suriano
Cover Art: Genndy Tartakovsky

For subscription customers only… enlist up at your local comic shop! A variant cover by Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky! Only for loyal subscription box customers!

Item Code: AUG130369
In Shops: 10/9/2013
SRP: $3.99


Jack is back! The hit TV show turned hit comic book returns in this collection of classic Samurai Jack stories. Kicking off with Jack’s origin story and continuing through the first of his “Action Pack” tales, see Jack’s first battle with Aku as the events that propel the entire series unfold! It’s sword-swinging, fist-pumping, vengeance-getting action at its best.
(Collects the Samurai Jack Special plus up to CN Action Pack #20)

Item Code: AUG130371
In Shops: 10/23/2013
SRP: $19.99

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