Grocery Night

Grocery shopping for me always feels sort of odd. It’s like some sort of strange adult responsibility I’ve been given to choose my own raw food stuffs and figure out what I’m going to do with them. I enjoy cooking nowadays (though I rarely get a chance to) I just feel weird about the act of buying all the actual items and rationing them for one person so it doesn’t all go bad before I use stuff up.

Couple that with shopping for food at 4am and it’s downright surreal. Empty streets, empty parking lot, empty aisles… it feels like it’s frozen in time. The only sound is the occasional sweeping of a broom or squeak of the dolly wheels as someone restocks a shelf on the other side of the store.

I got in touch with an old friend from college. His long running relationship crumbled in the Fall, which I could relate to. He sounded drained, tired, hollow… even though it had been over 8 months, not that I could blame him. That feeling of having a plan for the future getting sideswiped is not easy to recover from.

I busted his balls a bit and tried to pry him from his shell, to mixed success. The irony of course being that almost all the advice and ball busting I gave him should have been equally reflected back upon myself. It’s always easier to see someone else’s problems and offer corrections on their form than to put oneself under the same analysis. After the conversation was over though, I reread it and spun it around more clearly to help myself. I was surpised how much it clarified a few things for me.

Okay, the fridge is no longer empty. Toothpaste is restocked. Time to sleep.

PS: Who decided to make all these different kinds of toothpaste? Where the Hell is just “Crest”? What is the difference between “Ultra-Whitening”, “Total Whitening” and “Complete Whitening” toothpaste? Does anyone give a shit if they buy “Cool Mint”, “Mint Breeze” or “Lemon Mint”?

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