Good-Bye to the Family Cottage

Our lives are changing and the travel bug has bitten Mom and Dad, so they decided to sell their cottage up north. With the closing date imminent, we pulled the family together for a quick overnight trip to see the place one last time.


I have so many memories of going up to the cottage each and every summer as I grew up.

Work and play, family and friends.


In the daytime my brother and I would help Dad clean up the property or go for a hike and then jump in the lake.

In the evening we’d play card games or Scrabble…lots of Dungeons & Dragons too. I’d dream about swords and sorcery and how I might impress my brother with derring-do in our next gaming session. This is where I learned to tell stories.


Lots of happy times were shared there. Lots of tears too.

It was creaky and musty and full of critters, but it was our place on the lake.


As we got older it became harder to fit cottage trips into our busy schedules and the place sat empty longer and longer each year. I know Mom and Dad have made the right choice but it was still really emotional saying good-bye.


Onward we go.

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