Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #2 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 7.5/10 “the creative team has delivered solid work yet again, and the series continues to be worth checking out.”

Bad Manta: 8/10 “…a real good story on their hands and I can’t wait to see how it all ends. The first issue did a real good job of setting up the story and this issue does a nice job of moving the plot along.”

Daily Indie Comics: 10/10 “The second story arc better showcases horror sequels than actual successful horror franchises do by exploring the same ideas, all the while, shifting focus in a purposeful way.”

G4ME (Dutch): 8/10 “This second chapter is even stronger than the first.”

Lyles Movie Files: 9/10 “Original, tense, heavy, and strong social commentary towards the core of fame makes Image Comics’ Glitterbomb: The Fame Game a story that is not to be missed.”

Newsarama: 10/10 “…one of the most powerful (and perhaps vital) books on the stands.”

The Oregonian: “…the winning thing here is how natural and real the series feels. While the media and Hollywood are stretched to an extreme, the portrayal is believable, which is the nauseating thing about it all.”

Outright Geekery: 10/10 “The horror elements work perfectly and Jim continues to be a fantastic writer. Djibril and K. Michael have a wonderful partnership resulting in beautiful artwork.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Stunning in its scope and brevity there’s a haunting beauty to what we see playing out and I can’t look away for the life of me.”

Retcon Punch: “Are our we virtuous for virtue’s sake, or do we get some kind of perverse joy out of feeling like saviors? Are the monsters better or worse than the people they’re killing, or are they all just part of the same cycle?”

Snap Pow: 9/10 “…this is a smartly written piece adorned with pretty pictures that demand and earn your attention.”

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