Glitterbomb #2 Reviews


Adventures In Poor Taste: 10/10 “Right in time for Halloween, Glitterbomb #2 ramps up the horror and will give you food for thought and all kinds of tingles.”

Comic Book Bin: “Djibril Morissette-Phan is surprisingly polished. He continues to assert control over this narrative with a mood of mystery and with a tense pace. His storytelling is sharp, efficient, and clear.”

Fangirl Nation: “It’s an interesting look into the underbelly of such a glamorous world.”

Heroes Direct: 9.2/10 “this is a hugely fascinating story. Horror fans shouldn’t miss this excellent story.”

Newsarama: 10/10 “Everyone involved is crafting a tale that serves to show Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as the pictures make it out to be.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “With such strong writing, characterisation and visuals this issue got even stronger than the first for me.”

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