Free Comic Book Day 2024: Conan the Barbarian

Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics are pleased to announce that CONAN THE BARBARIAN will feature as part of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, May 4, 2024. Written by Jim Zub with art by Jonas Scharf, this issue will launch a BATTLE OF THE BLACK STONE event, which will roll out through late Summer and into the Fall, building on plotlines introduced in the critically acclaimed CONAN THE BARBARIAN ongoing series.

CONAN OF CIMMERIA is haunted by shadows, a nightmare of events glimpsed beneath dark waters of the past. The unspeakable evil foretold by THULSA DOOM looms over the Hyborian Age and every age connected to it…and it will take more than a Barbarian-King to stop its relentless march upon time, space, and sanity.

Heroic Signatures’ and Titan Comics’ CONAN THE BARBARIAN has been a critical and commercial hit, becoming the highest-selling issue in Titan Comics history. With the series in its second year, CONAN THE BARBARIAN: FCBD EDITION will give readers a taste of what’s to come, including art by brand new CONAN artist, Jonas Scharf.

“In May 2023 we kicked off a brand-new era of the Hyborian Age and used Free Comic Book Day as our first charge to reach thousands of new and lapsed readers. Now, a year later, with record-breaking sales for Heroic Signatures and Titan and an energized readership, we’re back and bigger than ever,” says series writer ‘Grim’ Jim Zub.

“There’s never been a Conan the Barbarian event book before, but that changes in 2024 with BATTLE OF THE BLACK STONE! The mythic power at the heart of Robert E. Howard’s legendary storytelling will be unleashed. Our Free Comic Book Day prelude issue is perfect for new readers as it sets the stage for high adventure, visceral action, and eldritch horror.”

Free Comic Book Day takes place every year on the first Saturday of May. With over two thousand stores and several comic book publishers participating, the event gives readers a chance to grab a free comic and meet fellow comic readers. Readers can find their local participating store HERE.

Look out for more news on Free Comic Book Day 2024 from Titan Comics, as well as everything CONAN. You can follow Titan Comics on Facebook,X, and Instagram.

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