Fan Expo, PA and Blather

Fan Expo Canada has started off pretty strong. Getting the booth set-up on Thursday afternoon saved a lot of stress and having lots of local UDON-ers around to help man the booth gives everyone more time to chill. I was worried that our booth spot would hinder sales but so far we’re doing okay. Here’s hoping that Saturday keeps up the pace.

When I got home late last night from the show I was thrilled to see Skullkickers mentioned on Penny Arcade. That seems to have brought a slew of traffic to the website and hopefully will continue to do so over the weekend.

Tycho and I chatted about the book at SDCC and he really liked the printed out version I had there for friends to read. After watching their PATV episode about D&D I felt like they really “get” tabletop games and the culture in the right context, so having that extra nod of approval about SK from him means a lot. Having that many extra eyeballs on the title and a raised overall awareness is fantastic.

Okay, time to grab a shower and get ready for Fan Expo day 2.

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