Am I missing something here?

TONs of people I know are now on Facebook now and raving about it.


As far as I can tell so far, it’s a website template with links to other peoples’ website templates. Links to other peoples’ pages of links to other people… a big loop of back patting and “Hi! You’re here too?” messages.

DeviantArt is a site to post artwork, writing and photography while seeing other peoples’ work.
Livejournal is a site to post journal entries and photos while seeing other peoples’ entries and thoughts.
Those two make sense to me right off the bat.

So what is Facebook?

I guess it’s neat to see that someone has known you as a friend for 10 years or whatever, but beyond that… what’s the point? You seem to be able to organize social events with it, but that only works if every person you want to go is on Facebook.

Am I missing some incredible functionality here?
What purpose does it serve beyond ‘me too’?

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