Empty Halls

Formal lectures re-start on Monday, but we did a connection test yesterday afternoon.

It was surreal having the class online with students asking questions in a chat window or via audio, but so far they seem to be handling things okay.

By default I had mics muted, but when I did unmute the group I was really impressed with how quiet they stayed, letting each student ask questions and not contaminating the stream with background noise. They did better than our staff during a livestream earlier in the week.

I tested out streaming a video, mimicking what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks for our Animation History class. I’m trying to keep the live component and screening intact. Having mics open and hearing their chuckles during the film brought a lot of warmth to the stream.

After the test, I had an open Q&A, answering their questions and addressing concerns about the next four weeks and as we wrap up the term. Again, it all went well.

At the end, I asked if they had any other questions-

“Zub, how are you doing? Are you okay?”

*Jim’s lip quivers*

I held it together, but I really appreciated that they were thinking of me too. They’re a great group.

It’s been a rough week, far worse for many, many other people, but we all have our own problems we’re dealing with.

Knowing that in the grand scheme of things I’m good and this will pass, but also allowing myself to feel sad and disappointed that this is how my time in charge of the Animation program will end and my sabbatical plans are a flaming wreck is a weird balancing act.

I drove to the school and grabbed a few things before they finished locking down the campus.

Normally when I walk the empty halls it’s because I finished submitting end of term transcripts.
It’s the sign of a job well done.

This time it feels out of sorts, but we’ll persevere.

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