Earth’s Mightiest Podcast

Erik Mona (Publisher over at Paizo) and I were guests a couple weeks ago on Earth’s Mightiest Podcast, an audio program normally focused on the Avengers, but this time they step into tabletop RPGs, Pathfinder and Skullkickers in a big way.

The podcast is long and our interview doesn’t start until the 37 minute mark of the program, but we cover a lot of different subjects once it gets going and there’s some really good stuff in there. Here’s a quick run through of major sections so you can focus on a particular part or two that interests you:

0:37:12 – Interview start; chatting about tabletop RPGs
0:40:50 – Chatting about Skullkickers
0:45:03 – Erik Mona joins in and explains his RPG industry cred and Pathfinder history
0:54:49 – I explain my nerd cred, RPGs, comics, manga
0:57:00 – Writing fantasy stories versus running an RPG
1:06:54 – Pathfinder comic discussion
1:45:50 – Skullkickers and Tavern Tales
1:47:17 – Art submissions and breaking in to the industry
1:59:50 – Conventions and pop culture
2:19:20 – Favorite Avengers line-up and stories
2:27:50 – Wrap up

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