Dungeons & Tombs Reviews

Bell of Lost Souls: “You can’t help but want to start playing, as you read through these books. They do such a wonderful job of hooking you in. And I think a huge part of that is, they’re not bound by having to make way for rules.”

Bleeding Cool: “This is the series of books I wish Scholastic had when I was growing up. They’re great ways to learn the game from the start, or grasp concepts of the game without having to go buy the Player’s Handbook and deep-dive.”

CFT RPG: “They’re well written, the layout is fantastic and nothing is re-hashed from the existing 5e line. I can’t praise it enough.”

d20 Diaries: “These are cool, exciting places to adventure and imagine, that showcase a wide variety of environments, locations, and play styles. The information included in the monster entries is absolutely wonderful.”

Fanbase Press: “Dungeons & Tombs is a strong addition to the Young Adventurer’s Guide series. The book stands on its own as an introduction to dungeon crafting, but its greatest value will be as part of a set. Collectively, these books make for a beautiful introduction to the world of fantasy gaming and would make an effective tool even for older audiences who were less than familiar with the tropes and ideas of tabletop fantasy.”

Geek Tyrant: “These are good tips for everyone to keep in mind as they create their adventures and this is what makes the book such a standout addition to the series.”

Noticias RTV (Spanish): “this particular book guides them through some of the potential scenarios, villains and monsters, as well as a set Ingenious of guidelines to keep in mind when creating your own dungeon.”

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