Dungeons & Dragons: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Stacy and I had the chance to work with award-winning paper engineer Matthew Reinhart, artist Claudio Pozas and the crew at Insight Editions to put together an incredible Dungeons & Dragons pop-up experience.

Trust me when I tell you that that modern pop-up books are way, way more elaborate and impressive compared to the kinds of books we had when I was a kid. Each spread in this deluxe book unfolds and stands up off the page with dozens of different interactive elements based on iconic locations and creatures from the Forgotten Realms.

It’s a stunning showpiece worthy of a place in your D&D library available for pre-order now and arriving in stores in May!

Dungeons & Dragons:
The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

See the world of Dungeons & Dragons come to life through the incredible craftwork of pop-up legend Matthew Reinhart! Traverse the land of Faerûn in an all-new way! Featuring innovative pop-up artistry and original illustrations, D&D: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book gives fans a unique experience of the world of D&D.
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