Dungeons & Dragons #1 Reviews!


The new Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire series started up last week. Let’s see what reviewers thought of it…

Adventures In Poor Taste: 10/10 “A good sense of humor, fantastic action, and cool fantasy elements throughout? This is damn good fantasy that should not be missed.”

Big Glasgow: 10/10 “The characters are endearing, the action exciting and the art compliments it all in a way that is rarely seen.”

Binging On Comics: “Solid characters and great art. This is a must own.”

ComicWow!: 10/10 “Zub has a great sense of character, setting and plot; he uses all to great advantage here. Working both as storyteller and Dungeon Master, he moves readers smoothly through the adventure.”

Crit For Brains: 10/10 “This is the most exciting fantasy comic I’ve read in a long time, and I can’t wait for more.”

IGN: 8/10 “Zub is a natural fit for a series that emphasizes humor and character banter as much as monster-slaying and medieval intrigue.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Jim’s an amazing writer and the kind of fun and passion he has for this is infectious.”

Tor Athena: “I’ve never read a Dungeons & Dragons comic so I can, hand on my heart, say that you can pick up this comic and just read it.”…”It’s funny, the art is brilliant, and I just loved the story.”

Weird Science: 9/10 “If you are any sort of Dungeons & Dragons fan, you should at least give this first issue a peak. It has some awesome action, cool characters a sense of humor and…Minsc and Boo!”

  1. Great seeing good reviews for this. Shame it’s not to be found in any store. Can’t locate it anywhere in St. Louis. Every store says they were shorted. 🙁

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