Dragon Spirit Launches on Shifty Look!

Over on Bandai-Namco’s ShiftyLook website, a brand new webcomic series has just launched.

Jim writing fantasy comics? Shocking, I know, but believe me when I say this one feels different from both Skullkickers and Pathfinder.

Dragon Spirit: Legendary Tales of Mythical Adventure Chronicles is a sarcastic and ridiculous approach to the kind of old school sword & sorcery story that permeated fantasy video games of the 80’s. It’s self aware and self deprecating.

With beautiful line art by Steven Cummings (Uglies Graphic Novel, Vent) and moody coloring by Espen Grundetjern (Street Fighter) it’s going to slay monsters and gather treasure with a new strip posted up every Sunday!

Click on through and check it out!

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