December Rolls On

I feel like things are quieting down as the holidays get ever closer. Although there’s still a lot to do, it’s all going to get done and leave some time to breath, for a change. I think the fact that classes at Seneca are wrapping up adds to the calmness as well, which is nice.

I drove to Electronics Boutique and went on a bit of a used video game buying spree. Finally buying games I’ve wanted for way cheaper now that I actually have a bit of time to play some of them. Currently tapped into Disgaea, Dark Alliance II and Onimusha 2. It’s a nice way to veg out inbetween art projects or marking assignments.

A few people have requested that I upload more artwork, showing off some of the stuff I’m working on. In many cases I can’t until the pictures are published, let alone the fact that I don’t want it to come off like an ego-stroking exercise. Paizo’s okay with me posting artwork anytime, so I’ll try to put up some of the better Dungeon Magazine pics that I work on from time to time here in my Livejournal.

Here’s four pictures I painted over the pencils of a gent named Chad Dulac. The art director at Paizo asked if we’d be up for coloring line art of non-Udon artists and I said I’d give it a go. We’ve collaborated on two articles so far for Dungeon and I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. From the feedback I got, Chad was really happy with how they turned out too and wants to team up with me again for other projects, which is pretty cool.

Line Art by Chad Dulac, Painting by Zub

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