D&D: Shadows of the Vampire #2 Reviews


Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire #2 arrived in stores this week. Let’s see what critics thought of it!

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9/10 “This is the best damn fantasy series on the shelves today. It’s fun, action-packed, and very funny.”

Big Glasgow: 8/10 “This is a fun series and a must read for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons game.”

Comic Bastards: 10/10 “…this series fully nails not only the D&D feel but also perfectly illustrates what a great role-playing session and story is like. All while also being a great comic.”

Comics the Gathering: 9/10 “The action shines best naturally through the art. The characters are expressive and diverse and the panels of action are clear in their intent as well as dynamic. The colors as well are bold, fitting for a fantasy setting.”

Multiversity: 8.8/10 “A very fun read, full of great characters, good lines, and a connection to a classic Dungeons and Dragons game storyline.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “…one of those purely fun books that seems to epitomize just what a team is and should be.”

Weird Science: 9/10 “Nelson Daniel’s art is excellent and I can recommend this comic to D&D fans, but also any fan who is looking for a good time adventure with a large dose of humor and great art.”

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