D&D: Infernal Tides #3 Reviews

ComicBook.com: 10/10 “The real highlight of this issue is Max Dunbar’s art, who does an amazing job bringing one of the Forgotten Realms’ critical historical moments to life. Dunbar is a fantastic artist, and his work really shines this issue.”

Comics For Sinners: “Infernal Tides is how D&D or any sword & sorcery comic book should be drawn.”

Quentin’s Enginewerks: “It’s been an entertaining read that I think the kids can enjoy. The artwork is very good.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “This is as good if not better than a majority of the super-hero team books on stands today”

Sequential Planet: 8.3/10 “Dunbar has been drawing these characters long enough that he obviously knows them in all their fury and tenderness. He’s not only consistent with character design but also with sprawling landscapes, cityscapes, and contained locations.”

Super Hero Speak: 9/10 “The artwork is very clean and colorful. The images have some pop and the characters are detailed. The creatures look very cool as well. “

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