Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 Reviews


Our fourth story arc wraps up in grand style with part 5 of ‘Eighty Eyes on an Evil Island’ in Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 (aka. Skullkickers #23). Here’s how critics have responded so far:

Read Comic Books: “8/10 This series is adventurous, action-packed, humorous, fun, and deep all at once. Everything in this book stands out among the horde of other available titles, from the writing style to the visuals.”

Comic Bastards: “Everything about this issue and series comes together to form one of the best titles currently being published in comics.”

Page & Panel: “It’s like a magician explaining how a trick is done. You can still be impressed by the level of craftsmanship that goes into the trick and still amazed by the sleight of hand.”

Omnicomic: “Huang’s pencils are phenomenal. There are quite a few pages and panels filled to the brim with all manner of beings taking in the spirits and he makes sure there’s equal variety on display.”

Fanboy Comics: “Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 is a terrific read. It’s filled with action, drunken buffoonery, clever concepts and colorful characters.”

Broken Frontier: “Staff Pick. Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 continues to push the boundaries of satire and swashbuckling adventure with intelligence and wit.”

Comic Book Resources: “To say the story wraps up unexpectedly is an understatement.”

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