Cons and Such

Nominations for the ENnies went up yesterday and Udon has a couple nods:

Best Cover Art: Mastermind’s Manual – published by Green Ronin (Art by Udon’s Chris Stevens and Omar Dogan)
Best Interior Art (Honourable Mention): Exalted Comics – published by Udon comics (Art by Udon’s Noi Sackda, Greg Boychuk and Roberto Campus)

The mighty San Diego Comic Con is next week. This will be my fifth one in a row, so it’s exciting and yet “normal” at the same time. Right now we’re busting away on preparations, so it’s a busy, busy time at the studio.

Check here for a rundown of the special stuff we’ll have at the show!

For those of you attending, you’ll be able to track me down at Booth #4145 – the Capcom/Udon big booth area.

In the grand scheme of the massive San Diego Convention centre, here’s where we are:

We’re surrounded by video game companies and right along one of the main lanes, so it should be hopping.

Come by, say hello, get comics or other books signed and watch our crew draw for fans.

Also, anyone know a good karaoke place (private rooms or public karaoke) near the convention centre?

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