Conan the Barbarian: Bound In Black Stone – Now In Stores!

CONAN THE BARBARIAN Vol.1: BOUND IN BLACK STONE is now available in bookstores and comic shops everywhere fine books are sold!

In bookstores you’ll find the cover by Dan Panosian. In direct market comic shops you can also choose covers by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau or Mike Mignola.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so incredibly proud of this book and thrilled at the response we’ve seen from readers, reviewers, and retailers. Thank you for reading and sharing your enthusiasm.

Blake’s Buzz: “Roberto De La Torre’s artwork is a visual feast, filling every panel with visceral depictions of bodies, violence, and challenging terrains…This trade paperback is not only a must-read for longtime fans but also an excellent starting point for those new to the savage world of Conan.”

Code-X Podcast: 10/10 “I love this story and it only gets better from here…It’s gritty, it’s raw, it’s dynamic.”

Comics Beat: “…a great entry point for anyone interested in reading Conan comics. The writing is extremely well done, and the art is stunning. Conan is a captivating character and the standard bearer of Sword and Sorcery stories for a reason.”

Comics For Sinners: “This is my Conan, the ’70s sword & sorcery hero making a comeback. I would not be more excited even if Schwarzenegger were to pick up his Atlantean sword to shoot a third Conan movie…This new series is a nostalgic pleasure and I hope it runs for a very long time.”

Comics Forever: “I slept on this at first, but I was wrong. This book rules. It’s so good.”

Eternal Crusader: 10/10 “This team is creating compelling and often breathtaking visuals that can both rival the beloved classics from the past and newer renditions by Dark Horse, Ablaze, and Marvel…the hype is true.”

Lord Samper’s Library: “The creative team really deliver here, giving us not only a high stakes tale (in all the best traditions) but setting it against a landscape that feels like its brimming with tales of its own…Conan is in safe hands here and I’m excited to see where his story goes next.”

Mighty Thorngren: “A new reader can jump right into this. You don’t need to know a whole lot about Conan to dig it…This is the comic that has me going to the comic shop, month after month.”

Mr. Multiverse: “I really do love this comic…I also love the artwork in here by Roberto De La Torre. It’s beautiful. It reminds me of the classic Conan stories and also the Prince Valiant stories.”

Near Mint Condition: 10/10 “This is perfection. This is some of the best Conan the Barbarian I have ever had the pleasure of reading…I cannot wait for the next book.”

So Wizard: “The action in this book is amazingly done. It’s brutal, fun, inventive, exciting, fast-paced and, most importantly, plentiful. The action almost doesn’t stop.”

Stygian Dogs: “This is a must-have collection at a great price, so I encourage you to pick it up.”

Trans-Scribe: 8/10 “Fans of the fantasy genre will feel right at home here, and whilst I can’t talk for long time Conan fans I can at least say that it was an enjoyable experience throughout, and one that I’d happily recommend to others.”

Tripwire: “Bound in Black Stone needs to be read, shared, taken back and selfishly read again and again until the binding wears out.”

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