Conan the Barbarian #3 (2023) Reviews

Conan the Barbarian #3 arrived in comic shops last week and, like our previous two issues, almost immediately sold through at distribution and is headed to a second printing! Exciting stuff, but what do the critics think? Read on and find out- 8/10 “…this issue shows off the potential that a Conan story can possess. It digs into the mystical and terrifying elements of his world in ways that excite on every page.”

Comic Book University: “This is cold, this is brutal, and this is sick and I’m loving every second of these comics. You’re not going to go wrong by checking out this story.”

Comical Opinions: 9.5/10 “a classic Conan adventure from front to back that matches the style, tone, and grim adventure of Robert E. Howard’s original works. When we say this adventure feels like an authentic Conan adventure, we mean it.” 10/10 “Conan The Barbarian continues to be a hauntingly enchanted crown jewel in the current sword and sorcery landscape.”

European Lore: “100% recommend. If I thought that issues #1 and 2 were brilliant, this one is better!”

Graphic Policy: “A fun and entertaining take on Conan the Barbarian that old fans will love and new readers can dive right in. Great story and great art.”

Grimdark Magazine: “Writer Jim Zub has done something alchemical, pulling the essentials of Conan – that simmering berserker fury, that lethal physicality, that love of life and adventure and women – and poured them onto the page in one concentrated blast of pure action and adventure.”

Hither Came Conan: “With all that I’m reading, this Titan Comics run, three issues in, is the best of them all. It’s my favorite. I look forward to it every month.”

Hobbies of a Man: “It’s very, very good. I love the coloring here. I love the artwork here. Rob de la Torre and Jim Zub did a great job with this. I love the story so far and can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Horror Mike: “Jim Zub’s writing is spot-on, channeling that Robert E. Howard vibe, albeit with a modern slant, while the artwork of Rob De La Torre continues to impress. At times it’s like reading the one of the first issues of Creepy or Eerie magazine.”

Hyborian Reviews: “The hype was right and real and although we only are three issues in this is looking to be some of the best Conan in comics we’ve gotten since the glory days of old!”

Infinity Flux: “Zub and De Le Torre continue just knocking it out of the park as we continue this very classic-feeling Conan story…This is on my must read list.”

Is This Just Fantasy?: “I think this series is going great and I, for one, am going to keep picking it up.”

League of Comic Geeks: “The brilliance continues. #3 has far more action in it than #2, and it’s beautifully done. De La Torre and White match each other incredibly well to create the tone for this comic. It’s brutal, bloody and metal.”

Negromancer: “I’m trying to find the words to describe the storytelling of artist Roberto de la Torre. He brings Zub’s script to comic book life with fire, black magic, and mountain-leveling thunder.”

Pop Culture Maven: “I’m really digging this book. I’m not necessarily the biggest Conan fan, but I think Zub and De La Torre are just crafting a really entertaining book and that’s what I’m really enjoying about it. Good story, good art, it’s always a win.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “I try to get into Conan books and I usually drop out of them pretty quickly, but this one has got me enthralled because it feels so old school and it makes me feel like a kid reaching into my Dad’s closet, reading me some gnarly, violent, sexy, and spooky Conan books…absolutely frickin’ loved it!”

Pullbox: 10/10 “This latest incarnation is in every good way channeling the old while forging new stories, and proves that the move from its former publisher over to Titan has been a gift worthy of the Hyborian gods.”

Rich Reviews: 8/10 “This comic delivers Conan just how you want him…Dark magic, savage fighting, a warrior of strong muscles and convictions, a beautiful companion and a cause to fight for.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “The colorwork in this book is particularly good when Conan and his friends are in darker areas as it allows the artist and colorist to play with shadows and create a really chilling atmosphere”

Set The Tape: 8/10 “Issue three continues to impress, the story is paced exceptionally well…This remains a hugely enjoyable comic for newcomers to the world of Conan, as well as a worthy entry for long-time fans.”

Stygian Dogs: “This issue is yet another triumph from the creative team, truly each issue better than the last, building to inevitable climax. I can’t wait to see how the arc is resolved.”

Thinking Critical: “They have created a masterpiece here…Conan is building itself up to be one of the best on our best of the year list.”

Todd Luck: “Quintessential fantasy artwork and the same can be said of the story. It just feels like a good solid Robert E. Howard-style story.”

Void City Reviews: “This is just an incredible read…Highly recommended.”

Wakazashi’s Teahouse: 9/10 “It’s an absolute banger. It’s fantastic. This could be the best issue yet. I know it’s only issue 3, but I am loving this series.”

We Have Issues: “It’s been a great series so far. I really appreciate the new life that this is breathing into classic Conan. It’s a definite recommendation from me.”

  1. Honestly, my congratulations to the entire CONAN TEAM. Well beyond my expectations and this book is fully satisfying my cravings for fantasy entertainment with the bent into horror, savagery and lust for life. I’ve been looking for this for a long time, and you have delivered a phenomenal book that just reads and looks like the real deal!

    My thanks once again for making this old sea dog feel like picking up his sharpened cutlass and head out to the Vilayet Sea to plunder the jewels of far away lands and lost civilizations!

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