Conan the Barbarian #24 Reviews

Comic “All in all, this proves to be a good Conan story—and with the 300th issue right around the corner, we’re hopefully right on the cusp of a great one.”

Comic Crusaders: 8/10 “I am appreciative of the welcoming nature that Zub’s Conan has, as to where I can drop off on an issue and come back years later and find a story that will eventually entertain and maybe even a storyline that I can latch on to, as I will certainly be on the lookout for the next landmark issue.”

Comic Watch: 10/10 “Jim Zub is writing tales in the spirit of Robert E. Howard. I really like the narrator aspect of Conan the Barbarian #24. While Cory Smith’s artwork shows us the perils of sailing the ocean, the narrator word balloons elevate the story giving it an epic-ness.”

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