Conan-Red Sonja #3 Reviews!


Conan Red Sonja #3, the penultimate part of our epic team-up, arrived in stores on March 25th. Let’s see what reviewers thought of it…

Comic Crusaders: 4/5 “It’s hard to combine elements of two different books, let alone two different companies without stepping on any toes. The fact that Sonja and Conan are similar does help this, but it is the talent on hand that makes the whole book work.”

Fandom Post: “The next issue ends this mini-series, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our heroes get out of this mess.”

Fangirl Nation: “Conan Red Sonja is a book fans of either series should read.”

Geeks of Doom: “This is not a ‘wait for the trade’ book. This is a ‘have to get it every month’ series without a doubt. Now go grab it!”

The Planetary Pull: “Yet another recommend book. A very good team-up here.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “Simone’s and Zub’s script makes for a great read whether you are a fan of either character (or both) or just looking for some good-time barbarian hijinks.”

This Is Where I Write About Comics: 9/10 “Whether you read this in single issues or as a collection, you owe yourself a fantasy series as perfect as this one.”

TM Stash: 10/10 “This series has delivered everything one could hope for and more from these iconic characters.”

Unleash The Fanboy: 8.5/10 “Once again delivering a fluid, and immersive narrative, the writers make it easy to enjoy this tale.”

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